Curated by Harry Burke for The Printed Room Opening Reception: 14 June 2018, 6pm
15 Jun – 25 Aug 2018

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The Printed Room stages two simultaneous solo presentations, "Formidable Sparkles" by Bhanu Kapil, and "Selected Annahs" by Khairani Barokka. Conceptualized separately, the projects share a space, and present parallel interpretations of the same theme: the interwoven, and intimately political, relationship between poetry and performance.

With a performance by Khairani Barokka on Thursday, 14 June, at 6.30pm. Attendance for this performance is limited. Please register here to attend:

The Printed Room at SALTS, Basel, is dedicated to the display of literary and printed materials. Initiated by Quinn Latimer in 2013, since 2015 it has hosted a sequence of exhibitions curated by Harry Burke, featuring artists such as Hanne Lippard, Ho King Man, Martine Syms, Penny Goring, Arleen Schloss, Lady Pink, Lorraine O’Grady, Hamishi Farah, Holly White, Jesse Stecklow, and Bea Schlingehoff, among others. This year’s presentations comprise the final installments in this series.