Gina Proenza, Gina Fischli, Gina Folly. Curated by Alice Wilke
16 Jun – 30 Sep 2022

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In the garage, we present THE GINA SHOW with Swiss artists Gina Proenza, Gina Fischli, and Gina Folly curated by Basel-based curator Alice Wilke. The works on display are dealing in different ways with movements, playing both on physical and emotional levels. They tell stories about love, bodies in space, objects of desire, memories and nostalgia, thus expanding the media of sculpture and photography by formats and materials.

This summer's exhibition series is part of the tricontinental collaboration with artists from Europe, South America and Africa initiated and developed together with Waza Art Center, Lubumbashi.

Open on Fridays 2–5 PM, during Art Basel Fr–Sun 2–6 PM, Kunsttage Basel 2–4 September Fr–Sun 10 AM–6 PM, closed 8 July–8 August

Images © Gina Folly, photo Ramiro Chaves 2022; Gina Proenza, photo Sebastien Verdon 2022; Gina Fischli, photo Theo Christellis 2022