City SALTS: Summer Party
Annual SALTS Garden Party celebrating the opening of our summer exhibitions
16 Jun – 16 Jun 2022

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Annual SALTS Garden Party, this year on the occasion of the opening of three exhibitions: CEMETÉRIO by Adriano Costa, THE GINA SHOW by Gina Proenza, Gina Fischli and Gina Folly, and RE-FLEX by Jean Katambayi Mukendi. On our garden stage Ukrainian musician Make Like A Tree's live set #playingforpeace. Basel-based musicians DJs Caipora and Vinz are at the turntables. La Arepera serves Venezuelan fingerfood fresh from Basel's Markthalle.

From 10 PM onwards, everyone is invited to join us with dance and cocktails at the SALTS afterparty at Rouine in Feldbergstrasse, Kleinbasel – with Zurich-based DJs Jamira Estrada, Babyval and Ayshat Campbell.

Vinz (DJ set)
Make Like A Tree (live concert)
DJ Caipora
From 10 PM: Afterparty at Rouine:
DJs Jamira Estrada, Baby Val, Ayshat Campbell